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I'm about to move in back to the dorms. Won't that be interesting?
I even had a run-in with my studio's professor today. Why did I have to admit to not practicing? *hangs head in shame*
Also, I'm getting all jittery about my first fest. I don't have much time tomorrow to be doing last minute fixers... I'm going to be helping my mom with her classroom and then going to a birthday dress-up party.
And my room isn't packed!
Hater, Rainbows

Fic reading

Because I've been more active in the AS/S fandom peeps, I don't know how interested my f-list would be...
but I've been reading the wonderful fics of empathic_siren who I found from the Snarry fic find... I first fell in love with one of thier stories on fanfiction.net. Draco's Boy which is a Drarry fic that EVERYONE should read. This author writes mostly Snarry, but quite a bit of the Drarry love as well (hehee).

So Far I have read:
Draco's Boy
Red Slipper Wake
On the Other Side
At the Heart of Things

I still have quite a bit to go, but I'm loving it so far!
So that's been my obsession this weekend. Go! Enjoy!
Hater, Rainbows

Random post of gratitude

I'm really going through ridiculous mood-swings. Earlier this evening I was crying on the car on my way home, and then I was cleaning my room and feeling a bit accomplished and a bit useless and now I'm looking at my livejournal... and I just feel blessed.
I won't go into details, but I'll just say that some people are just amazing, and I'm glad to know them.

(this entry really just feels like SPAM... but I can't really rec except to say the Speed Pr0nz Masterlist and dysonrules  pdf file as kept me very very busy and happy!)