Enna (jordanneleigh) wrote,

So, I signed up for a the_ass_fest and have an awesome prompt. I have a great idea on it, but I'm feeling really self-conscious about my writing. I've got at least 3,600 words and I'm not even half way done. I usually make my self write things in order, but now I've got these selected scenes and lots of "I know what's happening in between." 
I guess I'm just saying that I feel like I need a cheerleader. And a beta. My sister, who used to talk to me about everything, now hates it when I talk about fanfics. She was my beta last year for the hd_holidays, but I ended up needing another one. So I guess that didn't work last time- I guess it's a good thing that she now refuses to help me.
I need advice, and support. I need what I came here for- friendship. But I've been pretty much gone for a whole year, so I don't know where to look anymore.
Um, thanks for reading, flist, if you did! :)
Tags: as/s, assfest, fandom, fanfic, flist love, help, writer's block
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