Enna (jordanneleigh) wrote,

I noticed it right away...

Today I was talking about my ex-girlfriend and called her my girlfriend. It came out so easily, and we haven't dated in over a year. We've talked, though, got to know each other again.
I called her my girlfriend in the sentence "I wish my girlfriend lived in Oklahoma."
Either way, the point was that I missed her, and that I want her near. But does this little slip mean that I should finally do something about it?

I've been reading my way through Titti's Realm and I have to admit that I am not fully impressed. Some of the older stories are better, but quite a few have grammatical errors and incomplete plot lines. I should be writing fics instead of reading so many (5-7 a day?) but I'm just going to have to make myself do it.

Like homework. I haven't done homework in ages. This is bad. muuuur. I suppose I'm just on here to whine. *sighs*

Tags: chaco, drarry, etc., homework, rec, snack, whining
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